How can you help?

Here is what you can do to help the project:

  • Use vsketch and let people know about it.

  • Give any type of feedback (what works well, missing features, possible API improvement, bugs, etc.) by opening an issue or contacting the author.

  • Contribute to the improvement of this documentation.

  • Contribute code via pull requests.

In case of doubt, let’s get the discussion started on the Drawingbots Discord server.

Development environment

If you intend to modify vsketch (either for your own purpose or contribute improvements), you will need to properly setup a development environment. Vsketch uses Poetry for project management (see installation instructions). Then, run the following commands:

git clone
cd vsketch
poetry install --with docs # installs everything needed including vsketch in editable mode

Poetry will automatically create a virtual environment. You can spawn a shell with the virtual environment activated with the following command:

poetry shell

You can run tests with the following command:

$ poetry run pytest

Using just

vsketch provides a justfile for common operations. Just must be installed to use it.

The following command list the available recipes:

just -l

For example, you may build the documentation using this command:

just docs-build

Available recipes include:

  • just docs-build : build the documentation

  • just docs-clean : clean the documentations build file

  • just docs-live : run a live server for the documentation

  • just install : install a complete dev environment

  • just test : run all tests

  • just test-failed : run previously failed tests

  • just update-deps : update Poetry’s lockfile


You can help the project making Ko-Fi donation or sponsoring me on GitHub. The funds will be used to cover my development costs.