What is vsketch?

vsketch is a Python generative art toolkit for plotter with focuses on the following:

  • Accessibility: vsketch is easy to learn and feels familiar thanks to its API strongly inspired from Processing.

  • Minimized friction: vsketch automates every part of the creation process (project initialisation, friction-less iteration, export to plotter-ready files) through a CLI tool called vsk and a tight integration with vpype.

  • Plotter-centric: vsketch is made for plotter users, by plotter users. It’s feature set is focused on the peculiarities of this medium and doesn’t aim to solve other problems.

  • Interoperability: vsketch plays nice with popular packages such as Numpy and Shapely, which are true enabler for plotter generative art.

vsketch is the sum of two things:

  • A CLI tool named vsk with the following capabilities:

    • Project (“sketch”) creation based on a template.

    • Interactive render of your sketch with live-reload and custom parameters.

    • Batch export to SVG with random seed and configuration management as well as multiprocessing support.

  • An API similar to Processing to build your sketch.

Call to action

This project is at an early the stage and needs your contribution. An area of particular relevance is the present documentation which would greatly benefit from expansion, in particular targeted to beginners. Please get in touch via discussions on GitHub or the DrawingBots’s Discord server if you feel like helping!